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Territorial and urban planning

About spatial planning

Spatial planning refers to the methods used by the public sector to organise the ways in which land may be used and activities carried out in an island's territory.

The purpose of spatial planning is to rationalize the activities that can be carried out in a territory from a perspective that is higher than the local level.

Spatial planning by the Council of Tenerife

The Island Council has direct and indirect competence in the following affairs:

  • Direct competence.- The Council prepares a Spatial Plan for Tenerife Island (PIOT) and submits it to the government of the Autonomous Region of the Canary Islands for final ratification. The Council of Tenerife's competence in in the processing and ratifying the PIOT incluyes:
    • Drafting and processing the Partial Plans for Spatial Planning and the Special Plans for Spatial Planning for matters over which the Council of Tenerife has authority.
    • Final ratification of Special Plans for Spatial Planning that implement the PIOT.
  • Indirect competence.- The Council is authorised to make sure that all Urban Planning complies with the Spatial Plan for Tenerife Island (PIOT). According to current legislation (*), urban planning includes the following instruments: General plans, partial plans, special plans, detailed studies and catalogues, as well as any cases that amend these.

The regional government routinely requests the Island Council to draft the PIOT and plans for spatial planning.

The procedure consists in ratification of the draft, either preliminary or temporary, as the case may be, prior to final ratification of a Plan. During the processing period, the Plans are published for the citizens to consult and make any allegations they deem convenient.

The Island Council is competent to give the final ratification of Special Plans for Spatial Planning to implement the PIOT. All other cases are ratified by the Autonomous Region's government.

* Legislative Decree 1/2000, of the 8th of May, which ratifies the revised text of the Spatial Planning Laws of the Canary Islands and the Canary Islands Nature Areas.

Go to the Spatial Plan for Tenerife Island and the plans by which it is implemented for further information Plan Insular de Ordenación de Tenerife and plans.

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