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Council of Tenerife advisory bodies

Tenerife Council's advisory bodies for managing historical heritage may recruit members who are not part of the regular staff but whose technical expertise qualify them for an advisory capacity. The advisory bodies are:

The Island Historical Heritage Commission

This is Tenerife Council's advisory and consultancy body for historical heritage affairs.

It was established by decision of a plenary session held on the first of March 1991, as a technical assistance body for the Council's Presidency on matters pertaining to historical heritage, when the regional government transferred competence in such matters to the Councils.

When the Canary Islands Historical Heritage Act (LPHC) came into force, the commissions became mandatory advisory and consultancy bodies for the Councils.

At a plenary session held on the 23rd of February 2001, the Tenerife Council ratified the Commission's Organisation and Management Rules, which were subsequently amended by decision of a plenary session held on the 8th of April 2005.

As a rule, the Island Commission holds a meeting once a month.


The Commission's functions are stipulated in the LPHC, in the Organisation and Management Rules and in the Rules of Procedure for the Planning System's Management Instruments. The main functions are:

  • To issue a mandatory, non-binding report on the interventions, masonry work and uses intended for the Assets of Cultural Interest (Bienes de Interés Cultural, or BICs) or which are included in the Inventory of Moveable Assets Inventory, prior to authorisation by the Council.
  • Issue a report on the processing of the Special Protection Plans for Historical Complexes.

Apart from the functions set out in the Act, the Commission also issues decisions in the following cases:

  • Proposals to initiate the procedures to award BIC status to important assets.
  • Intervention projects promoted by the Historical Heritage and Culture Service that affect moveable and immoveable assets, even if they are not BICs.
  • Information concerning the heritage value of any asset, at the request of a government administration or a private individual.

The Island Commission does not authorise projects. Its role is to provide advice and consultancy, and its decisions are not binding. Authorisations for projects are granted by the General Coordinator of the Council of Tenerife's Department for Culture, Historical Heritage and Museums.

Commission for cooperation between the Bishopric of the Diocese of Tenerife and the Council of Tenerife to protect and preserve church-owned assets that are part of Tenerife's Historical Heritage.

The Council of Tenerife created this advisory body when a cooperation agreement was signed between the bishopric and the Council on the 25th of October 1996. The commission's members are representatives from both institutions and the Chairmanship is shared by the Bishop and the President of the Council. The Commission's mission is to ensure the protection and conservation of church-owned heritage assets by making proposals on interventions, the adoption of security measures and actions to publicise the assets.

Any project that has an impact on church-owned cultural assets must be reported to the Commission.

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