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Cervical cancer

Cervical cancer is defined as the appearance of cancerous cells in cervical tissue.

Vaccination can prevent up to 70% of cases. Vaccinations developed to fight the human papillomavirus (HPV) make the organism produce antibodies which destroy the virus and prevent infection.

All women 14 upwards are advised to be vaccinated , as well as all women who are sexually active, since the human papillomavirus can be passed on through sexual contact.

This cancer can be successfully treated when detected early as localized tumors can be completely removed.

A cervical smear test is another effective way of preventing cervical cancer. This test, which is generally carried out in your local healthcare centre, is painless, quick, harmless and very accurate.

Every woman aged 20 and over , or earlier if sexually active, should have regular smear tests . Tests should initially be carried out once a year. If results are normal, women only need to be tested every three years. This is currently the only way of detecting a possible tumor in time.

You can find a video containing more detailed information on cervical cancer and vaccination on the Canary Islands Institute for Cancer Research Website.

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