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Información sobre los tratamientos de la Anorexia y la Bulimia

Treatment for anorexia

Cognitive behaviour therapy provided by a multidisciplinary medial team (doctors, nurses, psychologists, etc.), along with family support is the most effective treatment. Treatment of this illness is dealt with by specialised psychiatrists. The initial stage of treatment is dealt with by the whole team and afterwards handled by different specialists.

Pharmacological treatment is only administered in the case of the existence of other pathologies, such as depression.

An important part of the treatment process is the acquisition of a normal relationship with food. It is very important that the family supports the medical team. Any distrust has a very negative effect on the sufferer. The family must collaborate and request information from the professionals involved in relation to the evolution of the treatment and the manner in which they can help.

Treatment for bulimia

There is no single action or treatment plan when dealing with eating disorders and this is true in the specific case of bulimia. A combination of treatments can be administered in order to increase effectiveness.

This intervention takes the following forms:

  • Individual or group psychotherapy
  • Dietary or pharmacological-based measures

Contact details and Information

  • The Spanish Federation of Associations against Anorexia and Bulimia (FEACAB)
  • Website:
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