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The Tenerife Auditorium welcomes the bands of Santa Cruz, Tacoronte and Guía de Isora

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The Tenerife Auditorium welcomes the bands of Santa Cruz, Tacoronte and Guía de Isora

Auditorio de Tenerife "Adán Martín"
Avenida Constitución, 1
Santa Cruz de Tenerife
922 568 600
11:30 horas

The Tenerife Auditorium receives on Sunday 12th, at 11:30 am, a new concert of the Musical Spring cycle, organised by the Tenerife Federation of Bands in collaboration with the Council, with the participation of the federated bands of Santa Cruz, Tacoronte and Guía de Isora. Admission is free until full capacity is reached.

  • The band from the neighbourhood of La Salud in the capital of Tenerife, Unión y Amistad, founded in 1990, will open the session with "El Abanico", by Alfredo Javaloyes, to continue with "Music from Jurassic Park", by John Williams with arrangements by Jay Bocook. They will continue their repertoire with "Grant County Celebration", by Mark Willians, ending with the interpretation of "Supertram", with arrangements by André Waignein.
  • The Santa Cecilia Musical Association of Tacoronte, born in 1991, will begin its program with Oscar Navarro's pasodoble festero "La Vereda". Antonio Domingo Ordóñez Abreu, director of the 60-musician band, will continue the concert with a selection of Tchaikovsky's "Marcha Eslava". Finally, they will perform a selection of songs from the soundtrack of the film "Lágrimas Rotas".
  • Finally, 80 musicians from the Asociación Musical Virgen de la Luz, also founded in 1991, will join the stage. Under the baton of Antonio Lorenzo Fariña Díaz, the band will begin with José de la Vega's pasodoble "Homenaje". Next, "The Inferno the Ascensión (from de Divine Cemedy)" by Robert W. Smith will be played, culminating the session with "Songs Of de Wizz" by Quincy Jones.

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