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Youth obesity

Obesity is an illness that manifests itself when the energy consumed is greater than the energy burned off . Unburnt calories build up in the body in the form of fat and on exceeding a certain level, the end result is obesity.

Advice for the prevention of obesity

  • 8% of Spanish children currently leave for school without eating breakfast. Breakfast is one of the most important daily meals and should cover at least 25% of school childrens’ nutritional needs.
  • A combination of regular exercise, a balanced diet and active social participation can all lead to extended longevity and a population that ages healthily.
  • Unhealthy food along with a lack of regular exercise are the main causes of the most significant chronic illnesses.
  • Avoid over-eating and a sedentary lifestyle

Obesity can provoke a reduction in a person's life expectancy of up to ten years.

For further information

  • Spanish Ministry of Health and Consumer Affairs
  • Website:

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