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Share icons are web services that do not belong to the Council of Tenerife. They help you organise your personal information to share with your friends. For example, you can use these services to classify, share, evaluate, comment on and save web content..


facebook  Facebook: a social network where you can share any information you wish to post with your friends and other users. 



twitter Twitter: you can tell other people what you are doing at any moment in your life by simply posting a sentence. Your friends can see what you are doing every day.


googleplus Google bookmarks: You can store your favourite web pages.


The Council of Tenerife offers certain services by post, email and SMS.


  • Certificates (services rendered, courses, payments, etc...)
  • Travel cards (bonotitsa)


  • Council of Tenerife information
  • Automatic notifications of summer activities


  • Selection processes
  • Agrocabildo
  • Crafts

Call 901 501 901 or 922 239 500 and find out how.

General information is offered in person to citizens about their rights and obligations, the services and activities carried out by the Island Council of Tenerife and the management of the ordinary proceedings included in the list. If the formalities you need to carry out are not included in the list, you can fill in a General Application that appears as an attached document.

  • Corporation Check-In and Check-Out
  • Management of massive and simple proceedings
  • Reception of complaints and suggestions from citizens
  • Transport authorisations
  • Selective tests
  • Scholarships, grants and subsidies
  • Tenders
  • Hunting licenses
  • Craftsman's card and craft fairs
  • Summer camps
  • Third party registrations and payment processing

Associated services

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