Cabildo de Tenerife


What to do in your free time

Tenerife Network of Footpaths

Obtain information on the footpaths along which you can hike on Tenerife and plan your route.

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Consult the agenda and enjoy the activities taking place on the island.

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Tenerife Auditorium Adán Martín

Information on the Tenerife Symphony Orchestra, concert programs, season tickets, etc.

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Tenerife Network of Municipal Schools of Music and Dance

Directory of Tenerife's municipal schools of music and dance. Further information on Tenerife Network of Municipal Schools of Music and Dance

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Drama schools

Corporal expression, oral expression, history of the theatre, acting and scenic arts.

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The Science and Cosmos Museum, the Museum of Nature and Mankind, the History and Anthropology Museum, Cueva del Viento and the Castillo de San Cristóbal Visitor's Centre.

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Leisure amidst nature

Become acquainted with the public use facilities available on the island, such as camping areas, camping sites, hostels, etc.

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Tenerife's Auditorium

Concert programs, scheduled visits and events.

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Protected natural areas

Become acquainted with the Network (Insular and European) of Protected Natural Spaces and the different categories of protection.

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TEA Tenerife Arts Centre

A must-see arts and cultural centre featuring exhibition halls, a library, a cinema, cultural activities, and more.

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Tenerife Network of Public Libraries

The aim of this network is to promote reading amongst residents of the island by turning libraries into municipal cultural hubs.

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Holidaying on my island

Enjoy leisure activities in the most idyllic settings on the island and the highest quality hotels and apartments at special prices exclusively for the retired or people over 65 years of age with some form of disability.

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