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Design and layout

Follow the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines ( WCAG 2.0); they have a direct impact on the development phase.

  • Presentation through style sheets and division of content.
  • Use of relative units that allow text re-sizing and fluid layouts.
  • Colour contrast control.


In order to facilitate web navigation, all documents on the site should have the same structure and include the same elements.

There should be a tools section in each page header that includes links to the:

  • Home page.
  • Suggestions box
  • Site map.
  • Different language versions for the site.


A search box should always present in the header.


A mechanism known as breadcrumbs should be added to all documents on the site. The aim of this tool is to allow users to keep track of their location within the website by showing a possible route from the home page to the page they are currently viewing.

Document information

Keyboard shortcuts

Users should be able to access the main sections and tools on the website using shortcut keys.

Shortcut keys differ from browser to browser:

  • Internet Explorer: ALT + accesskey. ENTER
  • Firefox: ALT + accesskey
  • Opera: SHIFT + ESC + accesskey


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