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Malpaís de Rasca


What is it?

This geomorphological structure, consisting of a stretch of volcanic terrain and adjacent cones, is notable chiefly for the coastal and inland spurge habitats that contain a large number of endemic species.

The volcanic cones that dominate the area, particularly the Montaña Grande, create a striking and unique landscape. The volcanic terrain is also a remarkable geomorphological feature, whose scientific importance is increased by the fact that it is a well-preserved natural habitat that is home to  a number of threatened plant and animal species, including wormwood (Artemisia ramosa), the most abundant populations of which are found in this area. Moreover, it is also exceptionally valuable in cultural terms, given its architectural significance.

Getting there

Malpaís de La Rasca Special Nature Reserve can be accessed from the TF-1 via the exit for Guaza. Continue along the TF-6222 to the junction for El Palm-Mar; turn off in the direction of the town and you will arrive at the reserve after approximately 1.25 kilometres.

Total area

315.4 ha.



Governing legislation

Malpaís de La Rasca was declared a Special Nature Reserve and area of environmental sensitivity by Autonomous Region Act 12/94, which was later integrated into the Organisation of the Canary Islands Territory Act via Legislative Decree 1/2000.

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