Cabildo de Tenerife

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The change in the post of President of Tenerife opens a new period in which citizen participation and collaboration is one of our priorities. We desire a government that is open to all and an increase in the knowledge of an institution which is so close to us, such is the Cabildo of Tenerife. In an advanced society like ours where there are no longer limits to knowledge, it is necessary to have the appropriate tools in order to reach every corner with absolute guarantee and transparency.

In this way we attempt to create a government close at hand, capable of offering quick responses to the questions that worry the citizens and which enables them to take part in government decisions and collaborate in the search for solutions to public problems. But we also desire to channel all the innovative potential generated in this Island that we are not prepared to let go to waste. There is room here for your ideas, suggestions and standpoints, which will be of great use to us.

We would like to be able to count on you, but to do this, it is important for you to know the work the Cabildo does through the different government areas and participating companies.  This website opens a window on Tenerife to the world and you will find both tourist and professional and institutional information. Combined with this service is information by telephone and personal attention via the Network of Citizens' Advice Bureaux deployed throughout the Island.

A decisive commitment to keep citizens more and better informed, favouring competitiveness, transparency, rationalisation of spending, nimble response and equal access to all individuals, whatever their mobility or accessibility circumstances may be.

Carlos Enrique Alonso Rodríguez

President of the Cabildo of Tenerife


Organigrama de la Corporación