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Organic gardens in schools

The Council of Tenerife’s Organic Gardens in Schools Program is an initiative orientated towards schools , giving children instructions on the basic care of vegetable gardens in order for them to prosper and bear fruit, whilst teaching them respect for nature and the health advantages of eating natural products.

The Council finances and carries out any work necessary for the implementation of the school garden, providing the school with the required material and training on organic agriculture. It also offers the coordinating teachers advice on school gardens.

There are already more than one hundred agricultural spaces bearing fruit year after year in schools around Tenerife with the support of the Council of Tenerife.

Applications, contact details and information:

  • Council of Tenerife’s Educational Unit
  • Address: Palacio Insular, plaza de España, 1, Santa Cruz de Tenerife.
  • Telephone: 922 239 241.

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