Cabildo de Tenerife


Studying and training

What to study?

Information on preschool, primary and secondary school, Spanish baccalaureate, vocational training, universities and universities for seniors.

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Grants for education and training.

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Courses for everyone

The Cabildo of Tenerife, at times in collaboration with other bodies, offers you training to help you find a job, to improve management within your company or, simply, to enable you to round off your preparation.

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Environmental education

Programs, workshops, resources and advice.

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Road Safety Education

Aimed at school children, adult education centres and public-sector and private companies.

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Specialised training

List of all language schools, art and design schools, acting and drama schools, conservatories and municipal schools of music.

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Educational programs and activities

Obtain information on gardens in schools, the Recíclope environmental awareness program, summer activities. Access teaching materials on immigration, interculturality, and more.

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Teaching resources for teachers, students and families

The medusa web portal contains teaching resources for teachers, students and families.

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Student residences

List of residences for school and university students in Tenerife.

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List of public libraries in Tenerife.

List of public libraries in Tenerife.

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