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Environmental Assessment Commission of Tenerife (CEAT)

The Environmental Assessment Commission of Tenerife, is the environmental assessment body that acts in the files of strategic environmental assessment of plans and programs, and environmental assessment of projects, within the island competence area defined in the current legislation, carrying out as many actions and procedures established, prior to the decisions of the island or municipal substantive body in case of entrustment under cooperation agreement.

The environmental assessment constitutes an effective tool for the protection of the environment, implementing the criteria of sustainability and alternatives in the strategic decision making, through the evaluation of the plans and programs and the evaluation of projects. It thus guarantees adequate prevention of the specific environmental impacts that may be generated, while at the same time it establishes mechanisms to achieve the analysis of the climate change footprint, measures to minimise or compensate for impacts. This is a fully consolidated tool that accompanies plans and projects in their processing.

All this makes that its determinations advance towards the achievement of sustainable development, which is defined in the State Law 21/2013, of 9 December, of Environmental Assessment, being this Law the one that has synthesised the previous legal order, including the aspects related to the European Landscape Convention, made in Florence on 20 October 2000, ratified by Spain by means of Instrument of 6 November 2007.

In the territorial scope of the Canary Islands, it was Decree 35/1995, of 24 February, relating to the Regulation of the Environmental Content of Planning Instruments, and, subsequently, Territorial Law 11/1990, of 13 July, on the Prevention of Ecological Impact, where this evaluation instrument began to be configured at the Autonomous Community level, subsequently harmonising said legislation with that of the State through Law 14/2014, of 26 December, on Harmonisation and Simplification in matters of Protection of Territory and Natural Resources.

With the approval of Law 4/2017, of 13 July, on Land and Protected Natural Spaces in the Canary Islands, the determinations relating to the environmental body are modified in the strategic evaluations of plans and programmes, and in the environmental assessments of projects, establishing the possibility that the Island Council may act as an environmental body in the cases established in this regulation.

Provisional Commission rules

CEAT provisional rules announcement in BOP.pdf(PDF - 295 Kb)

Regulation of the Environmental Assessment Commission of Tenerife107.76 KB

Instructions approved by the Commission

Documents subject to environmental impact assessment

Environmental impact statements:

Landfill Cell Impact Statement(PDF - 5.52 MB)

Environmental impact reports:

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