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Characterising the island’s landscape

As a tool for managing Tenerife’s natural, territorial and urban resources, the Plan Insular de Ordenación de Tenerife (PIOT - Tenerife Ordinance Plan) provides a wealth of information about the island’s characteristics that can help you understand its landscape. More specifically, the Plan places particular emphasis on certain types of landscape, such as coastal and agricultural landscapes. In addition, the PIOT established the need to create a Special Territorial Plan for the Regulation of Landscapes to protect the island’s landscapes.

As a result, there is extensive analysis and assessment work on Tenerife’s landscape included in the information and plans that were used in the development of Tenerife’s Territorial Plan for the Regulation of Landscapes (now cancelled).

You can see this at: island plans. Different landscapes can be classified according to different factors:

  • According to the prevalence of different components, landscapes can be predominantly abiotic, biotic or cultural.
  • By functionality: natural, agricultural or urban
  • By altitude: coastal landscapes, mid-range or summit

More information on "Landscapes of Tenerife: Teaching Resources" (in Spanish) at

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