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Bank of Ideas on Environmentally-Sustainable Businesses

The Ideas Bank for Environmentally Sustainable Businesses provides guidance for self-employed professionals, businesspeople and entrepreneurs who are looking for new business opportunities involving a wide range of activities in the environmental field; from water management and clean energy to the organic-agriculture sector, waste management and sustainable construction and tourism.

Since its creation this initiative has been managed by the Council of Tenerife’s Office for the Environment, and all the business opportunities it proposes have one element in common: sustainability.

The Council of Tenerife plans to ensure that, in the medium-term, the only economic activities carried out will be those that respect the limits and rhythms of the natural world; i.e. that they do not over-exploit natural resources or produce more waste and emissions than can be recycled within the scope of natural processes.

As a result, the Business Ideas proposed under the initiative help improve the environmental performance of the business community, both in terms of businesses that operate strictly within the bounds of the environment sector and businesses that operate within the production and services sectors in general. The aim is to promote the "environmentalisation" of the entire economic system.

Each Business Idea is expressed in a File that contains a description of the idea and a proposal for how it could be developed in a business or professional context.

In the first section, the idea is described and characterised in regard to its sector, and key information is provided on the factors that affect its environmental certification, the levels of environmental implication involved, and the ways in which the environmental impact can be improved upon.

The second section proposes an alternative business model for the Business Idea, the implementation of which is, in principle, viable, and examines its development from the technical (in terms of the environment), economic and legal-administrative perspectives.

Those looking to make use of this service must be able to understand each idea as a suggestion for a niche business within the context described above. The development proposal detailed in each File may be just one of the many available business or professional models that can be used to begin the activity in question. It is not necessarily the only model.

If you are interested in starting up a business, opening up new areas of activity for your existing business or just looking to adapt to current trends, visit the Ideas Bank for Environmentally Sustainable Businesses.

Registration, Contact details and Information

  • Office for the Environment, Council of Tenerife
  • Telephone: 922 843 499
  • Environmental Advice Line for the Council of Tenerife and the Chamber of Commerce
  • Telephone: 922 239 157

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