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Drama schools

The Theatre Schools are educational and cultural centres with theatre courses for children, young people and adults. The schools aim to promote quality standards in amateur arts and contribute to the local community's cultural development. The schools also prepare students with special talents and aptitude for access to higher education in Dramatic Art.

In the Theatre Schools, in addition to trying to satisfy the students' expectations of personal and social fulfilment, we help them to discover the different trades that are generated within the world of entertainment: actors, directors, image and sound technicians, scenographers, scriptwriters, broadcasters and directors in radio, cinema and television; important elements within the leisure activities that are increasingly demanded.

The schools offer two hours of classes per week for groups up to 20 students. Teaching includes Corporal Expression, Oral Expression and the History of Theatre, Interpretation and Performing Arts.

At the Schools you will learn to love the theatre.

For further information

You can obtain further information by calling your local town hall, or visiting the web site of Tenerife Artes Escénicas.

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