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Leisure amidst nature

One of the reasons why the conservation of natural areas is so important resides in the fact that human beings require contact with nature .

Protected natural areas not only enable us to enjoy a suitable environment, but rather also afford a space for recreational activities, sports and cultural activities in the open air .

Tenerife boasts forty-three natural protected areas , resulting in protection of almost half of the island’s surface. Some of these territories are veritable sanctuaries housing innumerable amounts of rare species and habitats.

The Island also has an extensive and wide-ranging network of public installations , that facilitate contact with nature. Many of them are located within the protected zones:

  • Visitor Centres.- Located in the Rural Parks, these facilities provide information services on key attractions.
  • Camps.-Facilities designed for extended stays of organised groups of between 20 and 65 people.
  • Nature Classroom.- This consists of a series of facilities equipped to host organised groups of between 15 and 32 people, wherein the organisers or educators want to experiment with the development of environmental education programs for which prior authorisation has been sought .
  • Camping areas.- These are open-air areas in natural settings, available for overnight and longer stays for individuals and groups , with their own resources (sleeping bags, tents, caravans, etc) for which prior authorisation has been sought .
  • Recreational areas .- These consist of outdoor leisure areas in natural settings, offering basic picnic facilities, such as stoves, tables and water outlets Overnight stays are not permitted in these areas. Their capacity can vary and some are equipped with toilets, playgrounds and sports areas.
  • Hostels.- Aimed at all sections of the general public, in addition to accommodation and dining , hall services, hostels offer a wide range of environmental services .
  • The Altavista Retreat.- This is a facility located on el Teide, at an altitude of 3,270 metres, providing an overnight rest place during the ascent towards the peak.
  • Teide Cable Car.- Enables you to go on one of the most incredible excursions anywhere in the world, soaring over volcanoes, craters and rivers of lava.
  • Pathways.- Paths fitted out for walks and excursions, primarily on foot, which allow you to enjoy treks through natural and rural settings .
  • Forest tracks.- Itineraries that generally run through mountain terrain and rural settings , accessed primarily via motor vehicles, preferably off-road vehicles, bicycles or on horseback. Their use is regulated..
  • Periurban parks.- Periurban parks are natural or semi-natural spaces located in the vicinity of populated areas that are designed to facilitate rational by citizens and thereby promote their conservation.
  • Viewpoints .- Facilities located at strategic points considered to be ideal to appreciate a panorama or interesting landscape .


  • Servicio Administrativo de Uso Público del Medio Natural
    • Teléfono: 901 501 901

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