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Parque Rural de Anaga

Anaga Country Park occupies a large part of the massif at the north-eastern end of Tenerife Island. Spread over an area of 14,419 hectares, it covers an important part of Tenerife Island and is located in parts of the municipal districts of La Laguna, Santa Cruz de Tenerife and Tegueste.

It is an abrupt area of outstanding natural and cultural value, where humans living in harmony with nature have turned a rugged terrain into a beautiful landscape.

Today it is one of the main leisure areas in the municipal district of Tenerife, the Island's capital city. It is also a major tourist attraction, a fact that has helped to retain the local population and their way of life, while enhancing their living conditions.

Getting there

The main road to get there is the TF-12 road from La Laguna, which goes past Las Mercedes; and the TF-12 road from San Andrés, if you are coming from Santa Cruz. You can get there by private vehicle and by public transport.

What you can visit

Anaga has an interesting network of roads and paths leading to stunning panoramic views and spectacular natural spots either by car, bus or walking. You will also come across many picturesque farmhouses where you can stop to experience the local way of life.

The Park's brochure (see related documents) gives a list of recommended routes by car and walks.

Main attractions

Anaga affords a stunning landscape and natural diversity owing to the lay of the land and weather conditions that range from moisture and rain at the higher altitudes to areas of high insolation and low rainfall.

Such varied environments are conducive to a wealth of diversified wildlife, where different types of plant communities are home to many species of animals and plants, including more than 120 local endemic species, some of which are very rare and endangered.

Some of the best examples of the Canary Islands' ecosystems are to be found among the natural habitats in Anaga. The laurel forests on the summits, the juniper woods in Afur and the tabaibal thistles at the east end of the massif are notable for their good state of preservation.

Population, culture and traditions

Currently, over 2,000 people live in 26 towns within the Country Park. A singular form of human settlement providing a highly valuable cultural heritage remains in the area despite the steep lay of the land and the difficulties it entails.

Towns such as Taganana flourished in the first few years after the conquest, with an economy based on the export of sugar cane and wine. Subsequently, the Anaga lands were dedicated to subsistence products and domestic provisions. Cutting terraces out of the steep slopes to raise crops in non-irrigated soil and then to transport the produce through the mountains to supply La Laguna and Santa Cruz were hard tasks that required considerable effort.

Thanks to the natural conditions and the hard toil of the locals, Anaga has a treasure in the form of unique local varieties of produce, including papas borrallas (Borralla variety potatoes), varieties of sweet potatoes, yams, vineyards and many other fruit trees, as well as organic farming traditions that make the unique climate and culture of this region of Tenerife even more outstanding.


Anaga Country Park is managed and regulated by the Use and Management Plan (PRUG). The Plan provides a framework that ensures the area's protection and regulates the use of resources, while at the same time boosting and promoting actions to improve the quality of life of the local population.

Naturally, the Park's conservation implies certain rules and restrictions with regards to the way it is used and enjoyed. Compliance with the rules is the best way to cooperate with the management and conservation of this unique spot.

To that end, the Country Park has a Management Office in charge of promoting closer cooperation between the Park's managers and the local people. Please do not hesitate to contact the Park's staff for further information and to make comments and suggestions. Your participation is vital for improving the management of this protected area.

Appointments, Contact details and Information

  • Anaga Country Park Administration and Technical Office
  • Address:Pabellón Insular Santiago Martín, calle Las Macetas, sin número, Los Majuelos, 38108, La Laguna
  • Telephone: 922 239 072.
  • Environment Agents Office in Anaga Country Park
  • Address: Cruz del Carmen, carretera TF12 de las Mercedes al Monte, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Canarias (Spain)
  • Telephone: 922 445 730/ 922 445 731 / 922 445 733
  • Anaga Country Park Visitors Centre
  • Address: Cruz del Carmen, Anaga, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Canarias (Spain)
  • Telephone:922 633 576
  • Notice:   Do not forget to call first to make an appointment.

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