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Road Safety Education

The The Cabildo of Tenerife is charged with the implementation of competences relating to Education and Road Safety and its promotion via activities that are fundamentally of an educational nature in teaching centres, informative campaigns, conferences, meetings and the installation of its Road Safety Training Circuit, amongst others.

Services offered

  • Support for public and private bodies within the Canary Islands in terms of Road Safety and Road Safety Training.
  • The organisation of campaigns, programs and specific acts for training and dissemination purposes: conferences, meetings, workshops, courses and competitions, amongst others.
  • Socio-educational intervention programs in the areas of Education and Road Safety.
  • Road Safety Training Circuit.

Who it is aimed at

  • Nurseries and Primary and Secondary schools.
  • Adult Education centres.
  • Public and private sector companies.

Road Safety Training Circuit

The Road Safety Training Circuits are created in response to the obligation and need within society to ensure the safety of minors in terms of vehicular traffic, making them aware of the dangers and the methods of avoid these dangers and teaching them to travel along streets and roads as pedestrians and cyclists.

These Circuits provide installations wherein the children can put their road knowledge into practice, without any risk, in a context that mimics all aspects of what they will encounter when using streets and roads where they will be faced with real dangers.

The Circuits are recommended for school children who have received previous training on basic traffic rules, whether in the school or at the circuit itself.

The circuits are aimed at children aged between 6 and 11 years of age, nurseries and Primary Schools, considering that children of these ages represent the starting point to cultivate good practice in terms of Civics and Road Safety Education. The circuit takes in a surface area of approximately 250 square metres (25 metres long by 17 metres wide) and requires an area where traffic is prohibited to ensure the safety of the children.

Requisites for applications for the installation of a Road Safety Training Circuit:

  • An area taking in 250 square meters (basketball courts or football pitches) where vehicular traffic is prohibited and that have the necessary security measures to prevent vandalism.
  • Lighting.
  • An area for storing material (bicycles and helmets, amongst other items).
  • The inclusion of Road Safety Education within the Centre's syllabus.

Via this activity we hope to achieve the following objectives:

  • Reinforce the importance of regulations and signs.
  • The promotion of behaviour amongst drivers that is in keeping with these regulations and signs.
  • The promotion of behaviour amongst pedestrians that is in keeping with these regulations and signs.
  • The promotion of a sense of responsibility in terms of behaviour on roads.
  • Generating attitudes and habits that will prove necessary in terms of their future behaviour as drivers.
  • Fostering positive attitudes towards traffic regulations within the context of other social norms.

Applications, Contact details and Information

  • Telephone: 922 843 931 / 902
  • Fax: 922 843 900

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