Cabildo de Tenerife


Responsibilities of the Regional Government

The Autonomous Regional Government’s competence in matters pertaining to Historical Heritage involves:

  • Coordinating and promoting cooperation between the Administrations involved in the protection and management of Historical Heritage.
  • Serving as a higher authority that oversees the competences in matters pertaining to Historical Heritage that have been transferred or delegated to the provincial councils and town councils.
  • Declaring Assets of Cultural Interest (Bienes de Interés Cultural, or BICs) and keeping a registry of them.
  • Initiating the procedures to award BIC status to assets attached to their heritage or allocated to heritage authorities and public services managed by the Autonomous Community.
  • Drawing up and updating the Regional Inventory of Movable Assets.
  • Coordinating the drawing up of inventories, charts, lists, and other instruments for documenting the Canary Islands’ Historical Heritage.
  • Authorising archaeological interventions.
  • Programming research policies for the protection and tutelage of Historical Heritage.
  • Disseminating and promoting the knowledge and evaluation of the Canary Islands’ Historical Heritage by integrating it into the curricula at every level of education.
  • Planning museum policies in coordination with the provincial councils.
  • Planning policies for the conservation and protection of Historical Heritage.
  • Inspecting Archaeological Heritage sites and issue sanctions, as the case may be.
  • Assuming the entitlement to first refusal and pre-emptive rights with regards to BICs and inventoried movable goods, in the event that the Provincial Council does not do so.

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